Exclusive: Break Down Those Brick Walls

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Occasionally we’ll work to bring you exclusive offers to products and services we love and appreciate. This month, your free subscription to Without a Trace is brought to you by Trace.com, the easiest way to hire an expert researcher anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re new to genealogy or you’ve been researching for years, you’ve probably run into at least one “brick wall” in your journey, that moment when your long genealogical paper trail leads you to… a dead end. 

The Without a Trace newsletter offers free weekly tips and suggestions for getting around these frustrating obstacles, but if you’re ready to get serious about a brick wall in your family tree, consider calling on the genealogy experts at Trace.com.

Family history research is a lifelong quest, presenting new challenges all the time. No one person can become an expert in everything, which is where Trace comes in -- and it’s less expensive to get help than you may think!

This December, for the Without a Trace community and newsletter following only, Trace is offering a $99 starting fee to begin getting expert help, to get your research project started, including:

  • Professional analysis of your family tree and sources/records

  • An achievable research plan 

  • A tailored proposal for breaking (or get around) that brick wall from an expert

That’s a 34% discount toward something that’s priceless: your family story!


Professional help can be hugely helpful to both beginners and experts alike, providing research guidance as well as access to many offline and foreign records that may be out of your reach. Once they receive your request, Trace’s global team of genealogists will put their years of knowledge to use uncovering your ancestors.

To get started, let Trace know what you need help with by filling out this short form.

(Your consultation is free!)

Once you schedule a consultation, an experienced Trace research professional will contact you. 

This holiday season, let the expert genealogists give you a hand. Don't miss this opportunity to get affordable assistance with your unique family history research needs. And if your New Year’s resolution had anything to do with “finally starting that family history project…” consider it already crossed off the list!

Trace has the global experts for the job. But please don’t take our word for it!

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